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karen April 4, 2002 09:34

inlet condition ~??
My model have two channel The property of wall is between the top channel and below channel . First mixtures [include H2 , CO2 ,H2O] flow through top of channel. Second mixtures [includes O2 , H2O , N2] flow through below of channel.but , first mixtures don't mixed with second mixtures and don't pass throgugh the interface(wall)to other channel ....the behavior of two fluid independently

Basic datas of Top channel Mass fraction of H2 is 0.066761 Mass fraction of H2O is 0.4474331069 Mass fraction of CO2 is 0.4858058 mixtures velocity is 0.43 m/sec

Basic datas of Below channel Mass fraction of O2 is 0.166787867 Mass fraction of H2O is 0.26002884 Mass fraction of N2 is 0.5731832 mixtures velocity is 0.56 m/sec

Two channel have a condition of inlet respectively.

How to define the properties of two mixtures in condition of inlet for my model ???? but ,if it is unclear meaning for you , you can tell me ...thank you best regard to you Hsin-Ping

Erwin April 4, 2002 11:08

Re: inlet condition ~??
If you know your mixture fluid properties (e.g. constant or as function of temperature) then you can treat them as two user defined fluids. This is one approach.

Approach 2: if you set up your problem as multiple-species, then in the fluids section you pick the components from the database. In the mixture section of the materials panel you can then define ONE mixture containing all components (you can have only ONE active mixture). In the boundary inlets you then specify the mass fraction of each separate component.

David Shkval April 4, 2002 21:52

Re: inlet condition ~??
Hi, Chang Hsin-Ping

Ya, I think the 2nd approach of Erwin is better, and i use it for non-reacting mixing flow simulations.

Wish u'll solve your problem.

D Shkval

Hsin-Ping April 7, 2002 08:49

Re: inlet condition ~??
Dear Erwin thank you for your explanation .. Do you have any E-mail address.. because , i used many photo and figure to describe my model's very clear explanation . thank you


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