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kim April 4, 2002 09:35

Windows XP
Did anybody try running Fluent on Windows XP? I know it is not officially supported, but one never knows.

Philip April 4, 2002 11:59

Re: Windows XP
A few months I tried FLUENT 5.5 on a beta release of Windows XP Professional (succcessor to Windows 2000). It seemed to work OK. I did not check performance with a comparable Win 2000 machine for the same job, but I'd imagine that things could be slower on XP.

David Shkval April 4, 2002 21:09

Re: Windows XP
it works well with WinXP,and mine is WinXP. All the functions are similar to those in Win2K.

kim April 5, 2002 01:58

Re: Windows XP
Is Fluent slower on XP as Philip reported ?

David Shkval April 5, 2002 06:34

Re: Windows XP
not in my computer. i've tested a 700 steps case, and found that it was similar in the two OSs. BTW, in WinXP the parallel version works better.

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