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Tony April 8, 2002 21:24

mold filling in Fluent ?
Hi all, 1) I tried to use the vof model in FLUENT to solve the mold filling problem in a simple 2d slot. The water inlet is from left side and right side is the outlet of the air phase, both top and bottom walls are stationary and no-slip. In this case only implict vof can give converged result but with diffused interfaces over several cells, all the other options ( donor-accetpor, or geo-construction) failed to give accurate interface shape and diverged before completely filled. Any suggestion? 2) I know that the no-slip assumption at the triple-contact point on the wall will cause the unreasonable prediction of front shape. In Flunt, is it possible to use a dynamic bounary condition?, that is in the water phase, the wall is no-slip but in the air phase the wall is outlet. Thanks in advance

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