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wang April 9, 2002 08:27

Reaction rate model
hello,can i modify the surface reaction rate model and add some source terms on it in discrete phase modeling? if can and how to do?

Jin-Wook LEE April 16, 2002 06:57

Re: Reaction rate model
Dear Wang

Fluent Model

1) Particle reaction(in general, combustion) :

- Particle Heating, say law 1

- Devolatilization(part of particle converts to gaseous fuel), say law 4

- Char combustion, say law 5

- Inert(ash) cooling or heating, say law 6

2) Droplet reaction(in general, combustion) :

- Droplet heating, say law 1

- Droplet vaporization, say law 2

- Droplet boiling, say law 3

The above law number is based on Fluent 4.x.

I have experience for making another law by using 'User Subroutine' with Fluent 4.x. And my friend says that it can be possible by making UDF for version 5.x and above. I do not have experience with UDF for another reaction. But conceptually, I think that you can combine,

1st step : your law by UDF, where solid converts to the liquid

2nd step : law 1

3rd step : law 2

4th step : law 3

I know that this reply is not enough, but hoping good luck with you.

Sincerely, Jinwook

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