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vineet April 9, 2002 10:38

how to save plots after fixed no. of iterations

i wanted to save velocity vectors plot for a unsteady flow problem say after veery 20 iteration. I checked with mannual and they have said we can give the option of repeating a command after given no of iterations but i do not know the correct command for diplaying velocity vectors. If someone knows what is exact command or some other way then please let me know. i want this to make an animation from these velocity vector files. thanks, bye, vineet.

moiami May 8, 2002 01:01

Re: how to save plots after fixed no. of iteration
From what I know, you can plot the residuals and save the residual plot but as long as your iteration is not converging you will not get any value of your variables e.g. velocity. So what you want to do i.e. plotting for velocity after every 20 iteration is not possible. But you can check it out with the others.

After your solution has converged, you can display it by opening: Display - Vectors - Display (select variable, and slices or plane you want to be displayed).

If you are using Fluent v5, I don't think they have the kind of animation you want to do...I'm assuming you want to see the animation as the velocity vectors move from starting point to end point (e.g. tank bottom to tank top) but v4.5 have that kind of animation. In v5 you can make your own animation to be built into your presentation, say from all the angles you want the velocity profile to be shown and make an animation file of it. But that is more like a short film or documentary of the velocity profile viewed from all angles rather than the changes of the velocity profile as it moves upward from tank bottom to top.

Hope this helps. You can always check my answer against that of your advisors and see what they have to say.

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