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Eric R. April 9, 2002 10:58

MixSim to Gambit (Mixing Tank)
Hello once again,

I'm using MixSim to construct a mixing tank with impellers and baffles. I would like to somehow bring this into Gambit so that I can add a few features and lay a higher quality grid. This will eventually be imported to Fluent for calcs.

Has anyone worked with Mixsim and knows if it is possible to do this? If so, how would I go about getting it from MixSim to Gambit (possibly via Fluent?).

Thank you.

-Eric R.

moiami April 17, 2002 03:41

Re: MixSim to Gambit (Mixing Tank)
I did ask some sort of question that sound like the bit you were asking. To know more, you could just contact the CFD contact person nearest to you by surfing their website (Australia etc.). I've never tried it yet but you can tell me if it didn't work out.


Using MixSim, you can create the impellers like helical, ribbon, twisted blades, etc. I am afraid that it is unlikely to create those complex curved impellers in MixSim, however as a fast tool we appreciate the fast geometry setup and automated mesh generation of MixSim. To be more advanced, I think Gambit can handle this very well but the user will spend some time for the mesh generation.

I am afraid you may not import Gambit file into MixSim. However, you can write Fluent case file from MixSim and the import the case file into Gambit to add the impellers. This is possible.

Eric R. April 17, 2002 09:35

Re: MixSim to Gambit (Mixing Tank)
Thanks moiami. I believe MixSim 2.0, whenever it is released, is directly used with Gambit and Fluent 6.0. This should be very helpful, since it should avoid the whole Fluent 4.5 route. I plan on using MixSim to create the impeller and tank, and thats about it. Gambit will be used to add cooling coils and to lay a higher quality mesh, and Fluent will do the actual calcs.

Let me ask another quick que. In order to get a case file from Fluent into Gambit, is this how you would proceed in Gambit?: 1) go to 'import -> mesh' 2) enter Fluent 5/6 for 'type' 3) enter the specific case file.

Keep in touch if you continue to work on Mixsim and impellers.


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