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vineet April 9, 2002 15:28

free surface flow past cylinder

i am trying to sovle free surface flow past a cylinder (2D). i made the mesh in gambit with two zones of fluid, 1 for air and another for water. I used VOF scheme under multiphase. what i would like to ask is, 1. where do i specify what is water and what is air. 2. what bcs should i apply at inlet, i was giving the velocity inlet condition by specifing velocity 3. what bcs should i apply at outlet. 4. i am only interested in water flow and not air so should above condition be same for inlet & outlet of air and water. 5. i want gravity how to do that, should i enable it in operating conditions by giving acceleration value as 9.81m/sec2 in -ive y direction. 6. there is a option of enabling impicit body forces in VOF solver, should i enable it? what is it?

if u can answer any of above it will be helpful. bye, vineet

vishal.indomitable February 22, 2011 00:11

Have a look at free surface flow over a bump tutorial. It is some what similar to your problem.

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