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Davide April 10, 2002 04:28

k and epsilon
Dear users,

I'm working with a simulation of external aerodynamics relating to a truck. How do I specify k and epsilon at boundary of a wind tunnel chamber with turbulence intensity I=0.2%?


Andrew Parker April 11, 2002 04:10

Re: k and epsilon
This is very easy, especially if you have the turbulence intensity, just go to the help menu and under the k-e model you will find two formulas that you can use to do this.


Davide April 11, 2002 08:00

Re: k and epsilon
Yes, I know what you mean but k is a funcion of I (I:intensity) and epsilon is a function of (mu-t/mu). The ratio mu-t/mu is between 10 and 100. So how can I estimate the value? Can you do an example?


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