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vineet April 12, 2002 13:39


i am solving unsteady flow and want to get a movie or animation of the veovity vector plots. i want to do this by getting plots after regular no of iterations (say 10). If anyone knows how to do it please inform me.

thanks, vineet

kim April 13, 2002 05:17

Re: animations
See the chapter 20.6.3 in manual, called "Saving an animation". In the paragraph "Hardcopy file" you will find all you need. Kim

khalil April 13, 2002 06:31

Re: animations
looking through the archives i found these instrucions on how to animate an unsteay solution. it may be more useful to produce an image every time-step as apposed to iteration.

1 Set up the view interactively as you want it.

2 Go to File/Hardcopy and set up the output format and size you want (I used tiff and 560x400 pixels)

3 Go to Solve/Monitors/Commands, add one comand to be performed every iteration. In the command field write a text comman which plots and saves what you want. Here is an example: /display contours vel /display hard-copy vel%t.tiff

once you've collected all your images you need a animation package (one can be downloaded from shareware internet sites) and compile.

vineet April 13, 2002 12:11

Re: animations
thanks khalil,

actually, the problem is i do not know the correct command to be given to plot the velocity vectors. If you know then please do let me know or else i will have to manually save each of the velocity vector plots then make a animation ( lot of work :) ).

Rajeev April 14, 2002 06:01

Re: animations
Hi Vineet,

If you know how to display the plots through the menu then.

Use the text commands instead, like

type display at > and press enter. It will change to display/ Press enter then you will find lot of commands available under display. Select the command which suits your case. This way you can see that a series of text commands can be built up. While you are doing this keep writing them on a piece of paper. When you achieve your desired result you have the command built up.

This command should be placed in the command text box and with %t as Mr. Khalil pointed out. This might help.

I normally write all the commands for setting up case files, running the case file in a journal file and use it.

For example to iterate 100 times you can type

solve iterate 100 at the text prompt and this will iterate 100 times.

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