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wang April 13, 2002 10:37

how to modify model
hello everyone I want to ask your opinion on using ˇ§fluent 5.5ˇ¨. I want to solve the problem about flow and combustion of two phase using Fluent. The particle phase is boron, which react with ambient oxygen at the surface of particle and product liquid boric oxide, and then vaporizes. FLUENT provides a choice of three heterogeneous surface reaction rate models for combusting particles that is the diffusion-limited rate model, the kinetics/diffusion-limited rate model and the intrinsic model. But the models are presented with a focus on modeling of coal particle combustion that do not suit me. So I want to modify the model, but I do not know how to do.Can you tell me? thanks wang

Greg Perkins April 14, 2002 03:40

Re: how to modify model
First, upgrade to Fluent 6.0 since this has some new particle reaction models which are more general and will allow you to do what you want more easily.


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