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bonny April 14, 2002 04:43

moving and deforming mesh
hello everybody

i am a candidate to doctor. i have to simulate the time-dependent movement of scroll compressor for a phd thesis.

the time-varying computational flow domain, the working chamber, is boundecd by a fixed scroll wrap, a moving scroll wrap and two apex seals. the compression process in the scroll compressor is achieved by a continuioys reduction in the volume of the working chamber. the gas is driven and compressed by the "squish motion" of the orbiting scroll wrap and , this results in an unsteady compressible viscous flow occurs within the scroll compressor working chamber.

Has anyone any idea how to solve this problem in fuent? any help would be appreciated. thanks in advance.


Joern April 14, 2002 06:58

Re: moving and deforming mesh
It might be easier to solve the problem than to solve it using fluent. But anyway it is not trivial to define the mesh motion. I simulated a rotary-vane-pump using starcd some years ago, which has the same requirements for the moving mesh features but an much easier way to define the movement of the verticies. There is some material about this on my home page (animation and paper from 1998 users meeting).

I think that the simulation of the screw compressor was already performed (or at least tried) using starcd or another package. I'v seen an article about a combined fluid-structure-interaction calculation of a screw pump using comet.

Anindya April 14, 2002 12:51

Re: moving and deforming mesh
Hi Joern,

Could you please let me know your home page address where I can find the moving mesh paper using StarCD?



jon April 14, 2002 18:27

Re: moving and deforming mesh
This will be very difficult if not impossible with fluent. Since fluent is focused on ease-of-use only and not for sophisticated analysis - it is only good for the more simpler problems.

I recommend you look at other more advanced codes like cfd-ace or starcd.

bonny April 14, 2002 23:30

Re: moving and deforming mesh

Thanks..., now i have no star-cd package or others and i do not know how to use.

Could anyone give me an example on defining the moving mesh?

And if Fluent6.0 cann't solve my problem?

Thanks in advance!


Joern April 15, 2002 04:58

Re: moving and deforming mesh

bonny April 16, 2002 02:32

Re: moving and deforming mesh
hi all

thank joern for his home page, the animation is wonderful. but i can not understand the you have the paper in english? could i incorporate the user subroutine with fluent6.0 to solve the moving mesh? i know "phoenics " has this function. could anyone has the experence on this problem? i am very urgent, i need help. thanks


Joern April 18, 2002 06:10

Re: moving and deforming mesh
You find the english paper under

I did not use a subroutine but just some preprocessing commands to move the mesh. If you insist to do the simulation using fluent ask their support if it is possible.

bonny April 18, 2002 09:16

Re: moving and deforming mesh
thanks,joern. you are so kind.

bonny April 22, 2002 23:40

Re: moving and deforming mesh
hi, all i saw from the introduce of fluent6.0 that one of new features is to solve the moving and deforming grid problem. who know how to use? Thanks in advance.


riccardo May 1, 2002 12:45

Re: moving and deforming mesh
Hi!! I have the same problem!!! I need to import in fluent a deformed wing e move it while the flow is running; Someone of Fluent Help Office has told me that we can use the "User defined Function", to set the boundary condition right for the problem (in Fluent5.5 you can take a look a the Help, in the section regarding the User defined function you can find same examples...) I think than you can also write them a mail, to explain the problem (I did this way)!!

Good Luck Riccardo

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