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boris April 17, 2002 01:24

multi-blocks & boundary overlaping
It is stated in the Fluent online help that it is possible to use multi-block griding scheme by overlaping the interfaces of different cell zones. For complex geometry, it may need numerous blocks in order to generate structured meshes. Did anyone try it before in Fluent and how about the results? Thanks.

LW April 24, 2002 12:58

Re: multi-blocks & boundary overlaping
You can certainly create (in Gambit) a multi-block mesh with one common interface btwn two blocks. I am not sure what you mean by "overlaping the interface". You can't have two edges or faces that are overlapping.



boris April 24, 2002 20:04

Re: multi-blocks & boundary overlaping
Thank you for your reply, LW

Multi-block mesh means that a computational domain is decomposed as several blocks, which are meshed separately in different mesh files and merged together using another software like Tgrid, although the grids on the boundaries between the adjunct blocks are not matched. This method provides the flexibility while a complex geometry is encountered.

I tried the method before. But, negative volume errors were indicated in Fluent, after I used grid interface definition to define the overlapping boudaries.

Looking forward to your comments.


LW April 29, 2002 16:14

Re: multi-blocks & boundary overlaping
I always use confirmal mesh at the interface. So, didn't encounter the problem like yours. You may have to talk to your support for this one.

Good Luck,


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