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cwflying April 17, 2002 05:21

problem with RSM modeling
I am carrying out a numerical simulation of a hydrocyclone using FLUENT5.46,RSM modeling.

Firstly,I choose a simple model:one-phase(water),2D,axisymmetric.

As you know,a hydrocyclone has an inlet and two outlets, in "boundary conditions",I define the inlet as "velocity inlet", and the two outlets(overflow and underflow) as "outflow", the problem is: in RSM modeling, you must give a "Flow Rate Weighting" for all outflow boundaries(between 0 and 1), in my simulation the overflow and underflow are not equal, but I do not know the exact fraction of each outflow, so how could I define the "Flow Rate Weighting"?

Any suggestion is urgent! Thanks a lot!

cfd guy April 17, 2002 07:25

Re: problem with RSM modeling
Have you tried the pressure-outlet condition? In this kind of BC you don't need to specify this weighted flowrate. You only need to specify the gauge pressure distribution and the turbulent parameters.
Regards, cfd guy

Anindya April 17, 2002 13:32

Re: problem with RSM modeling
Use Pressure Outlet. Do not use outlet.

kim April 18, 2002 03:10

Re: problem with RSM modeling
use pressure outlet, not outflow

Jin-Wook LEE April 18, 2002 06:45

Re: problem with RSM modeling
All replying posting is correct. Use pressure outlet rather than outflow. But you should know the static pressure of both outlet. The problem is, in most cases, the static pressure at the two outlet is not the same and fairly difficult to obtain.

Sincerely, Jinwook

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