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Y.P., Li April 23, 2002 16:35

why can't

I am a new user of Fluent and have got a question using Fluent5.5 today.

I built a simple model in which air-water flow upwards in a duct and then splitting in a tee-junction in Gambit. But when I carried out "File>export>mesh..." command, error occurs. Though it didn't produce mesh file, it generated a neutral file. Fluent told me that:

Error writting to file at line 83. Process completed with exit code 1. Error running the tfilter.


Thank you very much

Philipp Beierer April 24, 2002 08:49

Re: why can't
...have you checked the mesh quality? Are you sure that your geometry is valid? Later one might be the reason if you have imported the geometry to gambit form an external source. Look if the entities are connected to each other...

hope this helps

Y.P., Li April 24, 2002 10:16

Re: why can't
Hi, Philipp

I have checked the mesh. It is no problem. I don't understand the meaning of an external source. Would you explain it in detail.

Thanks again.

Philipp Beierer April 24, 2002 11:42

Re: why can't
With external source I mean a CAD program. The point is, if you have created your geometry in e.g. proE (..) and imported that file via iges, step (just to mention the standard - based options) into Gambit, it becomes maybe necessary to clean-up your geometry. This means you have to delete (maybe) unnecessary geometry, correct invalid geometry, check connectivity, etc..

But something totally else: as you explain writes Gambit a neutral file (did I understand you right in that point?), but not a .msh file... are you really sure that you have chosen the right solver (in this case Fluent5/6) in Gambit? If you haven't changed the default setting, Gambit employs probably the Generic solver, which will write a neutral file if you export the mesh.

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