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Christophe SIMON April 28, 2002 15:18


I try to simulate the flow of compressible air in a compressor housing of a turbocharger. The wheel rotates to a 180 000 RPM rotation speed thanks to the mixing plane concept.

My problem is : I didn't succeed in using the segregated solver because when I use simultaneously ideal gas (compressible) and rotation of the wheel, the minimum of absolute pressure pressure is reached from the first iteration. So I tried to use coupled solver with explicit formulation but the problem remains : the minimum of absolute pressure is reached after several iterations, located to the tip of the small wings (600 m/s).

Is it a problem of meshing which doesn't represent the boundary layer where the problem appears? If it is, how can I solve it without making the number of cells explod (600-700000 at the moment)?

Thank you.

Erwin May 2, 2002 11:14

Re: Turbocharger
Set the limit of min absolute pressure to a more realistic value, e.g. 40,000 Pa. The calculation of density etc. then won't blow up on you that easily.

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