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Sridhar May 3, 2002 03:04

Non-Conformal Grid Interfaces
Hello, I need some advice regarding the partially overlapping interfacing surfaces in a non-conformal mesh.

I have a situation like this:

Surface "1" interfaces with 3 surfaces (say 2,3 and 4) which are in approx. proportions of, say, 0.45, 0.10, 0.45 of the surface "1". Surfaces 2,3 and 4 put together completely overlap with surface "1".

The problem is, "at one time" FLUENT doesnot accept three surfaces to interface with one. I planned like this-

Option1: Create interface of surface "2" with surface 1, then change the BC type of the default wall zone that is created (the non-overlapping portion of surface "1") to "interface" BC (say, this is surface 5). Then go back to "Grid interfaces" panel -then create another interface of surface 3 and surface 5. Again change the BC type of the default wall zone of the non-overlapping portion of this junction to "interface" (surface 6) and repeat the process for surfaces 4 & 6.

So when I tried to do this, right in the first go, (ie., interfacing surface 2 with surface 1)FLUENT v6, gives an error "fluent 6.0.12 recieved a fatal signal (BUS ERROR)".

What I was wondering is that, fluent does allow interfacing of two partially overlapping surfaces. So this problem should not have come right in the first go. Isn't this right?

Option2: First I merged the three smaller surfaces into one (say this united surface is 5)and then tried to "create interface" for the junction. (Now the surfaces 5 and 1 would be completely overlapping). Even now the same message is displayed.

I would greatly appreciate any help in this regard, or even any possible refernces for look-up.

Thanks and regards,


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