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Alex May 3, 2002 05:30

Residual/Display on grid
Hi all,

new problem for all of you.

I know that I can display the residuals with PLOT/RESIDUALS> if I set everything properly before iterating. But I want more.

I'm trying to get whether my grid is too coarse. To do so I want to visualise the different residuals for each cell(or node whatever the definition of residual is). I want to be able to define the regions in my grid where the residuals are the highest so as to refine those regions.

What I was told so far is: 1) it is possible to do so(hippiii!) 2) I have to enable something somewhere so as tell fluent not to erase the local residual(but still trying with no results)

If you have any other clue then check the manual(which I did!!!!), fell free to post


PS : there is a old post(from dec 2000) on the forum but it's not really helpfull

Alex May 3, 2002 10:07

Reading the manual
Hi all,

guess what : quoting from inline manual

"If you want to plot residual value fields for a segregated solver calculation, you will need to do the following:

1. Read in the case and data files of interest (if they are not already in the current session).

2. Use the expert command in the solve/set/ text menu to enable the saving of residual values.

solve/set/expert y n y n 3. Perform at least one iteration.

The solution variables for which residual values are available will appear in the Residuals... category in the postprocessing panels."

Sorry for disturbing,


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