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Christian May 3, 2002 05:53

Templates in Fluent

Is it possible to make a template in Fluent, so if I have similar models I can re-use BC's, material data etc.

I know that it is possible to read a dpm file, although you have to make the file first, and then import it (it would be nice if Fluent could make a dpm file from the gui).

Cheers Christian

Jin-Wook LEE May 5, 2002 20:43

Re: Templates in Fluent
Use 'write-bc' and 'read-bc' from TUI(Text User Interface), not from GUI. Then you can write and read everything in the case file.

Sincerely Jinwook

Christian May 6, 2002 02:18

Re: Templates in Fluent
Thank you, Jinwook.

Do you know if it is possible to de the same thing with the materials database. When I use DPM, I have to alter the database, and errors may occur.

Cheers Christian

Erwin May 6, 2002 05:09

Re: Templates in Fluent
No, the same command works well for the database as well. Just use write-bc and read-bc as Jin-Wook said.

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