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cwflying May 4, 2002 08:04

why Fluent can not display the grid?
I have installed FLUENT 5.48 in a new computer: hardware configuration: P4 1.6G, 256M SRRAM PC133. operating system : WINDOWS NT 4.0 server edition

After reading a case file into fluent,then checking the grid, but wnen I want to display the grid,it does not work, I mean I can not see the grid at all! And the computer dies!

Could anyone give me some advice? Thanks a lot!

moiami May 8, 2002 01:19

Re: why Fluent can not display the grid?
What do you mean by "the computer dies"? Did it hang up on you? Perhaps the grid you wanted to display is too dense. That happened to me when I tried to display the grid of one of my interior surfaces. Probably you could top up your computer memories. Good luck!

cwflying May 11, 2002 06:00

Re: why Fluent can not display the grid?
but in terms of a sparse mesh , it will also hang up Maybe it is caused by my

moiami May 12, 2002 21:14

Re: why Fluent can not display the grid?
I am assuming that you're an experience Fluent user so I won't have to ask whether you've chosen the surface to be displayed or not b4 you clicked the display button. Perhaps you could check out whether it can be opened in another computer just to make sure that it's not your computer that's having the problem.

Maybe there is something wrong with your simulation. I had that problem once where a part of my grid was blanked out when I opened it in Mixsim but appeared when I opened it in Fluent. Anyway, My advice is try to simulate it again on another computer and see if the same problem pop out again. If it did, then the problem is probably your simulation or the system you're trying to simulate. Good luck!

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