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Rajeev Kumar Singh May 6, 2002 04:21

Tracking interface
Hi everybody out there !

I have been trying to see how a solid ball melts inside a liquid pool. Using phase change (solidification/melting model) as given in the example of phase change I have set up a 2D problem. The solid ball is 1 cm radius lying inside a 20 cm radius liquid pool. Bigger radius I am using as insulated wall. Melt I am patching at 700 deg C, ball at 300 deg C, solidus = liquidus = 660 Deg C. Now while I am using the unsteady solver I want to monitor the liquid solid interface. This will essentially be the point where liquid fraction changes from 0 to 1. Can anyone of you help me in writing a surface monitor or custom field function so that I can directly generate a graph of ball radius vs. time.

Thanks in advance,


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