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Sam May 9, 2002 09:11

UDF initialization

I have an uUDF file for velocity inlet, k and e. The velocity inlet varies with the time which has a peak value of 172.5m/s[=3/2*pi*36.6*sin(3*pi*flow_time/0.1)]. I have defined the pi = 4*atan(1)

Accidentally, a wrong UDF file was initialized so I reinitialized the case with the right UDF file and it gave me about 165m/s as a peak value. I have checked the B.D and the UDF file but unable to notice any errors. However, I was able to obtain the right peak when I recreated the cas file from msh file(=started from gambit mesh file putting B.C and UDF files again).

My guess is it's like "Matlab programme" where all the programme files start with "clear" in order to remove any data from the memory.

I would like to know if it's the case, there is any command that equivalents to "clear" or "clear all".

If not, I would like to know what causes the problem.



Christian May 21, 2002 08:23

Re: UDF initialization
there is in deed a "command" which acts as clear. load the udf-library anew and it will work.


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