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CK May 10, 2002 10:16

What does this error mean?
Dear all,

I am working on a 3D rotor-stator model using the sliding mesh method. Ran the case using Multiple Reference Frame and obtained a converged solution, then I switched to Sliding Mesh.

I am using Fluent 6.0 on Windows, and I got this error message recently:

Error: Internal error at line 6240 in file 'slide.c'. get-nodes-0n-cell-face-edge

Error Object: ()

Anyone know what this error means and how to get about it? I reduced the under relaxation factors and ran the solver again one and two time step(s) before the error occured but I still get the error.

Help much appreciated.

Thank you.

- CK -

moiami May 12, 2002 22:33

Re: What does this error mean?
Okay, my advice is: Check when did you have the error...after the MRF run or the Sliding mesh run.

In MRF the flow field is assumed to be steady whereas in Sliding mesh you'll be dealing with unsteady calculations.

Perhaps instead of using both consecutively you could perhaps do them separately and compare the results to see which are the better one. Sliding mesh is more computationally demanding so better check your comp spec b4 running it.

If you don't have a case where you have moving devices and stationary devices in one equipment, you may want to stick to MRF. Otherwise Sliding mesh is more appropriate e.g. in a stirred tank where you have stationary baffles interacting with a moving impeller.

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