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sharad dugad May 11, 2002 07:33

What is the diffence...Between...Interface, Intern
Hi all,

Can someone explain what is diffence between the following Boundary Types (which are to be specified in GAMBIT)...Interface, Internal and Interior.

When each is used and how does FLUENT treat each of them? Can anyone explain with some examples?


moiami May 12, 2002 22:47

Re: What is the diffence...Between...Interface, In
Interior regions: Not real in the physical world e.g. regions of wall cells that are surrounded by live cells on more than one edge. To understand it better you could display the interior grid and see which ones qualify as interior regions.

Interface: zones in between adjacent cell zones e.g. rotor cell zones - fluid cell zones. Please do some of the tutorials to understand better how to manipulate the input.

Internal: I'm not sure about this though. Perhaps it requires the input for the process fluid you're working on e.g. internal energy or such like.

I hope the explaination is OK. If you still want more you can go through the tutorials in Fluent.

Sridhar May 14, 2002 10:35

Re: What is the diffence...Between...Interface, In
Interface: These are applicable when you have multiple meshes clubbed into one. For exaple, say you have a very complex geometry which you would like to split up into two or more parts just for the sake of meshing. mesh them seperately and then finally merge these two (different) mesh files, before invoking fluent, and read this combined mesh file. Now you will have some "surface" which is common to both the meshes. You need to define the Bound. Condition for the correponding (overlapping) surface from each of these zones as "interface". And you may have many such "interfaces" where different mesh zones meet, if you have merged,say, more than 2 meshes. You have to again define the overlapping "pair" in the " Define-> Grid interfaces" panel in FLUENT.

For more information refer to the Fluent users manual, Vol.1 in the chapter relating to "Non-Conformal Grids" and also tutorial1.

Interior: These are those which are not part of a bounding surface of your whole domain. By default, while reading in the mesh file, FLUENT understands (or your meshing software writes in that format) which of these surfaces are not a part of the bounding surfaces of the domain.

I hope this would help you. Regards, Sridhar.

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