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moiami May 12, 2002 22:17

Fluent ranting...grrr
Why is it when I simulated a problem in Fluent v4 I can't open the .dat file in Fluent v5? I can only open the .cas file and have to specify the boundary conditions and simulate them again and of course the profiles won't be a 100% the same because of the upgraded features in the new version of Fluent. Now I've done several simulations in Fluent v4 and my department is upgrading the Fluent version to v6.0. Does this mean I have to simulate everything all over again? Why can't the system be integrated from the old versions to the new versions with ease i.e. able to import the .dat files from older versions and using new versions for analysing purposes?

Fred Kang May 13, 2002 10:31

Re: Fluent ranting...grrr
With your current license, you can keep both the old version and the new release, why not ask your department to keepp F4 for you?

There maybe a way to migrate from F4 to F6, but I am not sure, hope others can answer.

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