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jwt May 19, 2002 10:52

Postprcess of FIDAP
I had done a caculation of flexible pipe, and want to show the distortion result of pipe in the FIPOST. How to do it? Please detail.

Jaydeep Kulkarni June 3, 2002 18:09

Re: Postprcess of FIDAP
You can use the command "mesh" to see the distorted mesh or use contour(dx/dy/dz) commands to plot the contours. If the problem is transient, then you can issue the "movie" command followed by one of the above commands.

jwt June 5, 2002 04:03

Re: Postprcess of FIDAP
Dear Jayk: Thank you for your reply.I had seen my result use your method,but the meshs were distorted too much.I tried to change several scale factor,but no any change in the mesh window.Do you know how to do ? Thank you in advance jwt

Xiaoming June 10, 2002 14:09

Re: Postprcess of FIDAP
click 'View', then click 'Pan/Zoom'.

sam kashan June 12, 2002 20:01

Re: Postprcess of FIDAP
Wonder if any knows how to postprocess the time avareged pressure coeff obtained using a transient simulation for a flow past cylinder. thanks

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