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Derek Jing May 23, 2002 12:26


I am modeling sand flowing out of a hopper through FLUENT 6 Eulerian multiphase model. I hope to monitor the mass flow rate of sand through the exit surface of the hopper.

Now I have two choices to recore the flow rate through the hopper exit:

(1) Using the panel: Solver > Monitor > Surface > mass flow rate

In this case, the obtained flow rate is for mixture or solid phase?

(2) Using the panel: Solver > Monitor > Surface > flow rate > choose solid fraction as the variable.

In this case, I am not sure whether the recorded flow rate is for solid phase.

I sincerely hope you can give me advice on how to get the mass flow rate of one of phases in a multiphase model.

Thank you very much.


Jonas Larsson May 23, 2002 17:18

Could you please give your posts a title which is a bit more descriptive?

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