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Hiranya May 24, 2002 09:06

Mass balance of DPM (lagrangain) case)

I want to check the mass balance for a 2 phase (DPM) problem. I have an air inlet, an outlet and one liquid injector (2nd phase inlet). How can I do it, could you please tell me.

Thanks, Hiranya

Jin-Wook LEE May 26, 2002 20:59

Re: Mass balance of DPM (lagrangain) case)
DPM is 'WEAKLY' two phase problem. That is, DPM mass ans eneggy is treated as 'SOURCE' of primary phase(in general, gas phase).

So, there is no inlet for 2nd phase. Injector is treated as 'POINT' source for one trajectory. Your injector can be modeled as (couple of tens or hundreds) of points by 'points', 'groups' or 'surfaces' and so on.

Your mass input to the primary phase from the secondary phase is reported from the 'REPORT--> VOLUME-INTEGRAL--> SUM'.

Sincerely, Jinwook

Hiranya June 4, 2002 01:03

Re: Mass balance of DPM (lagrangain) case)
Thanks Jin.

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