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zahid May 25, 2002 03:26

fluid hot volume in fluid cold volume
i have a small fluid volume inside of a large fluid volume. small fluid volume is hotter than the large fluid volume. i have made geometry by spliting smaller from larger and meshed. i used patch also. but the boundary of smaller volume inside larger volume is the problem. interface is not working. interior, internal alllso not working. what should i do with that boundary. thanks.

Laika May 27, 2002 08:57

Re: fluid hot volume in fluid cold volume

what do you want to simulate? What do you want the boundary of the small volume to be? Should is be an internal?

In Gambit, is your geomettrie connected. Do the large and the small volume shear the boundary faces?

Have you specified any boundary conditions on that boundary inside Gambit?

If you answer these questions, we maybe can help you...


Laika, still orbiting

zahid May 28, 2002 07:47

Re: fluid hot volume in fluid cold volume
i want a hot fluid small volume inside of a large cold volume. Problem is in creating geometry. For both volume fluid is same. The hot small volume is going to mix with the larg cold volume. the boundary of small inside of large i made
: interface- didnot work.
: internal- didnot work.
: interior- didnot work. How should i handle this geometry.

Laika May 30, 2002 03:47

Re: fluid hot volume in fluid cold volume

Here are two possibilities:

***You just make the mesh of the large volume, without the small one. Read this mesh in Fluent. Go to adapt--region and define the small box. Click on 'mark'. Fluent will create a register with the cells inside the box you've just defined. Go to initialise and initialize the cold conditions in your entire domain. Then go to Patch. Select the register you just created and set the conditions for your hot fluid. that's it, start simulation.

***In Gambit split off the small volume. Make sure the geometry is connected, and that no point is space belongs to both volumes. The faces of the small volume should also be faces of the large volume. Give your fluid-zones a seperate name. read into Fluent Do the same as above, but select the small zone to patch the hot conditions in. Check the boundary conditions.

good luck,

Laika, still orbiting

zahid June 1, 2002 09:11

Re: fluid hot volume in fluid cold volume
very very many thanks!

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