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Dhananjay May 26, 2002 16:19

Meshing of split volumes
Hello all,

I have a complicated 3-D geometry which I meshed with Hex-Cooper after splitting into several smaller volumes (which are connected). Can I export the mesh for all these volumes at once or do I need to export the mesh for each small volume independently and then merge them in Fluent?

What if some of the volumes have tet mesh and some hex-cooper. Is it any different?



Jin-Wook LEE May 26, 2002 21:01

Re: Meshing of split volumes
You can export the mesh for all the volumes at once whatever types your grid-net is composed of.

Sincerely, Jinwook

Dhananjay May 27, 2002 12:44

Re: Meshing of split volumes
Thank you Jinwook,

A follow up question. Is there any step I must perform in fluent when I am reading a mesh which consists of multiple volumes? I tried a simple test case. I seem to be getting different results even for simple volumes when they are split and sent as opposed to when they are sent as 1 volume.

Gavin May 28, 2002 06:09

Re: Meshing of split volumes
Dhanjay, when you export a *.msh file from gambit and read it into fluent, it no longer contains geometric entities (i.e. faces, volumes etc), it is basically the discretised domain. Perhaps the problems you are getting are due to splitting volumes in gambit. One tip is to make sure your geometry is complete before meshing (also, export geom as an Iges and read back into gambit, then all numbering etc is in order). When you split meshed volumes you have problems with the links, maybe your mesh is changing every time you split volumes, and so your solution is different.

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