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Frank Rubensdorffer May 27, 2002 09:23

Turbulent heat transfer calculation
Hello everybody,

I try to calculate turbulent heat transfer on a turbine vane. I checked out all available models in Fluent (k-e, k-w, ...) with all wall approaches. I have not found any model which gives satisfactory results compared to validated experiments. This means overprediction of the heat transfer on the suction side with 50 to 100 %. I get good agreements between experiments and calculations if I use a simple 2D bounary layer code. So now my questions:

1.) Have other users similar experiences ?

2.) Is there a public source (eg. on the www) with validation examples for calculation of turbulent heat transfer: plane plate, impinging jet, backward facing step, turbine vanes and blades, etc. ?

Thank you very much in advance for your comments.


Erwin May 28, 2002 11:13

Re: Turbulent heat transfer calculation
I have gotten very good results for flow in empty pipes and with a swirl (with twisted tapes). The CFD results were within 10 - 15% of the empirical methods. For a good quantitative prediction it is essential that the bounday layers are properly resolved. Pay extra good attention to the y+ values.

manaf May 29, 2002 14:37

Re: Turbulent heat transfer calculation
hi Erwin can you please give more details about:- 1-what turbulent model did you use? 2-Re=? 3-did you use hexa or tetra? 4-what was your fluid properties? 5-what was your y+?


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