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sharad May 28, 2002 10:24

Hi Evan( Rosenbaum), Pl. help.........
Hi Evan,

In reply to my message:- , You wrote:-

"FLUENT can't do what you want. The porous medium is simply a fluid with and additional, possibly orthotropic, momentum sink term. Because the porous medium is a fluid and not a solid, you will not get proper shear stresses at the interface and you cannot include the effects of any surface roughness."

Then, I posted , which reads..

"If it is not possible with FLUENT, do you know if there is any alternative solution/other software which can do this?

Is it not possible to treat the sand-water interface as solid surface with some porosity and make it a 'Velocity Inlet' B.C. there? "

But there is no reply from you. And you did not write your e-mail address, so I am again posting this mail.

Please reply the above querry.

Waiting eagerly for your Reply.


Sharad Dugad

Sharad Dugad May 30, 2002 01:24

Re: Hi Evan( Rosenbaum), Pl. help.........
Hi all,

If any one knows Evan's e-mail address pl. reply. Also I wish if any one can help me on this problem!!

Sharad Dugad

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