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jeremy May 28, 2002 13:57

multiphase model
I am trying to model recatngular domain. In the upper part : air in the lower part : resin between is a flat free surface

I just want the resin to move at 0.05m/s and see what happens when a solid part is between the two fluids. (normally a bulge ahead of the solid part)

I use the multiphase model with volume of fluid. I have a velocity inlet at the left side for the resin, and the rest is walls except the right side which is outflow

The resin should roughly stay at the same level (except from the bulge), but when I try, the resin has a very strange shape (it seems that there is less resin than in the beginning), obviously not the one I expect.

Do you find any error in my modelling? Please help me!


Laika May 30, 2002 03:56

Re: multiphase model

use unsteady-solver with VOF. Make sure your initial conditions are physical.

Use pressure outlet instead of outflow, which probably is more physical.

Try the 'body force weighted' scheme in combination with the PISO-scheme for pressure-velocity coupling. Don't forget to turn on gravity.

hope this helps,

Laika, still orbiting

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