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Patrick Martini May 29, 2002 09:38

Problems with linked face-meshes in Gambit 2.04
Hello to all,

here is my problem with the new gambit version (2.04):

I have a 3d-grid (similar to a backward facing step) whose lateral boundaries should be periodic. On the lower boundary (wall) I have set a boundary layer. Then I linked the to lateral faces (including reverse and periodic) My problem with the latest gambit version is that if there is a boundery layer the two periodic face meshes do not fit anymore in the near wall area although these faces are linked. In the b-l-region the meshes look somewhat distorted. In absence of the boundary layer everthing seems to work fine.

Does somebody know about problems like this with the new gambit version, because GAMBIT 1.3 worked fine.

An Modh Coinniolach May 29, 2002 10:25

Re: Problems with linked face-meshes in Gambit 2.0
I went back to Gambit 1.3, as have many of the people I know who are doing CFD.

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