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zahid June 2, 2002 02:42

Refining Meshing problem
My gambit geometry of one volume contains a large tank with small pipes. Using tet hedral meshes, with meshsize >20 some parts of pipes are not going to mesh and i can not export to fluent . And with meshsize=<20 refining volume becomes very very time conuming almost hanged on 16%.

Ashutosh June 3, 2002 05:34

Re: Refining Meshing problem
Try to divide the volume so that you can manage the mesh generation and quality properly.

Laika June 3, 2002 06:05

Re: Refining Meshing problem

you might try a sizing fixed function. Choose the pipe surfaces as source, and attach your sizing function to the volume. Play with the start-size, size-limit and growth-rate. Choose the distance large enough: your entire volume should lie withing the sizing-function-region.

Are you sure your geometry is correct? Do you want to model a flow in the pipes? If you have a flow inside your pipes and in your tank, you really should have more than one volumes.

good luck,

Laika, still orbiting

zahid June 4, 2002 18:03

Re: Refining Meshing problem
with the whole geometry as one volume it took for mesh size 22 a whole night to refine in Gambit on my PC. Thanks!

Laika June 5, 2002 03:57

Re: Refining Meshing problem

how big is your mesh now? How much memory has your pc? Is your mesh of good quality?

Laika, still orbiting

zahid June 5, 2002 08:13

Re: Refining Meshing problem
pc got virus so became slow. zahid is going on vacations now.

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