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Subhash C. Bose June 2, 2002 15:02

small Gambit menu problem

while working on GAMBIT, after doing the following operation (GAMBIT GUI):

Geometry --> Volume --> Create Volume

I get the menu for entering dimensions. But, the problem is when I require to select a cylinder, I'm supposed to use the right click of the mouse on the Create Volume button.

__I do not see any response if I right click the mouse__

Please, sort this problem Thanx in advance...

regards, bose

Ashutosh June 3, 2002 06:32

Re: small Gambit menu problem
See if the software is working for other menus in case of simple problem. It works well by right clicking on the menu button. Does it response to other geometries- like 2D.

Bye Ashutosh

Laika June 3, 2002 07:09

Re: small Gambit menu problem
I think you are clicking on the wrong button.

In the 'create volume'-menu, you see a button with a filled brick. If you left-click on this one, you can create a brick. If you right-click on this one, a list appears with other geometries. Choose from this list the cilinder.

Laika, still orbiting

Subhash C. Bose June 3, 2002 08:39

Re: small Gambit menu problem
Thanx for your kind responses.

Ya ! I, from the tutorials' Docs, knew that I should right-click for getting a longer list of the buttons.

I got another clue for the problem.

- The Gambit is installed on Solaris (we use it as server). - if I use a Linux m/c (on LAN) and export the DISPLAY I'm facing this problem. - but, when I work on the machine itself, or from some other Solaris based M/c, I could get the list as you have mentioned !

I thought some key board alternative (if exists) to the above operation would be useful.

regards, bose

mystic_cfd June 4, 2002 04:02

Re: small Gambit menu problem
hi Subhash

perhaps you should check that your right mouse button works at all...

in a xterminal (before you start gambit) you press ctrl and the right mouse button at the same time and this should give you a menu (for the xterminal). if this fails, it might be that your mouse is not configured properly.

goog luck

msani July 18, 2010 07:20

I found this trick by trial and error:

Press down and hold left mouse button on the menu button,
Now while keeping left button pressed down press down AND hold the right mouse button and you will see the hidden menu,
Keep down both mouse buttons and move the courser on the symbol of the command you need,
Now release both buttons at the same time and its chosen.

Unfortunately, I have not found any way to rescue gambit when it's stock by just right clicking on a menu button so I have to kill the process every time I forget the above procedure! Does anybody have a clue?

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