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Mark June 5, 2002 11:32

3D meshing
Hi all,

I am new to fluent and indeed cfd. So can anyone tell me how the meshing of volumes works in Gambit. I want to mesh a 3D fuel inlet and furnace. How can i mesh the fuel inlet, which is extremely small with respect to the furnace, without having an extremely dense mesh in the furnace. Any help appreciated!!


Gavin June 6, 2002 05:35

Re: 3D meshing
Mark, you may need a high density mesh to model your inlet conditions accurately. I appreciate that you may be restricted on cell count by your university machines. You can try to use hex cells which are of suitable skew and AR in regions of importance, and not worry too much about their shape and size in other regions. Alternatively, you could pave the domain, from fine out to course in the streamwise direction. However this will use twice or three times as many cells a quad/hex would, and also convergence may take longer. Hope that helps.

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