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happyking June 10, 2002 20:23

the Interpreted error
when i interpreted the UDF in the fluent6.0,it reported the error as follows:

cpp -ID:\fluent\FLUENT6\fluent6.0/src -ID:\fluent\FLUENT6\fluent6.0/cortex/src -ID:\fluent\FLUENT6\fluent6.0/client/src -ID:\fluent\FLUENT6\fluent6.0/multiport/src -I. -DUDFCONFIG_H="<udfconfig.h>" inlet.c

error: udf compiler: cannot execute cpp -ID:\fluent\FLUENT6\fluent6.0/src -ID:\fluent\FLUENT6\fluent6.0/cortex/src -ID:\fluent\FLUENT6\fluent6.0/client/src -ID:\fluent\FLUENT6\fluent6.0/multiport/src -I. -DUDFCONFIG_H="<udfconfig.h>" inlet.c

what's wrong with this,maybe any experts can help me.Thank you very much!!!!!!!!

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