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Rajab June 12, 2002 16:21

Help On modeling the catalytic bed
Hi I need help. I am trying to model a catalytic bed on fluentbut I don't know yet how to do it.

my catalysts are coated on porous support which to be inserted 0.4 meters away from the wall, also I will inserted baffles in order to force the fluid to cross the catalytic bed. My reactor is a clyndrical pipe of diamter 1 meter. and the catalytic bed will be inserted 0.6 meter away from the reator wall and 0.4from the centre. The baffles will be inserted after every 0.1 meter and the length of the reactor is 0.8 meters. please help me on it

Thanx in advance

Koorosh MOHAMMADI June 13, 2002 03:24

Re: Help On modeling the catalytic bed
Hi Rajab,

I think the geometrical situation of catalytic reactors are like the packed vessels, fluidized bed reactors and porous media according to exsictance of a range of particles (according to size, shape factor and material) in the system. If you just begin to simulate it and your problem is how to make the mesh by use if GAMBIT, did you ever check the POROUS MEDIA subject that should be done by Gambit?

Best regards


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