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Fernando Lopez June 14, 2002 10:46

Mesh Export
Hi to all. I'm having problems to read a 2-D mesh generated with Gambit in FLUENT5. The problem is that the initial geometry was in 3-D and I deleted the some faces to get my 2-d geometry. Mesh is exported ok, but when I try Read Case in Fluent an error message comes up: "file has wrong dimensions (3)". Does anybody have any idea why this could happen? Also, can I slice the 3-D geometry in order to export a 2-D plane into FLUENT? Thanks for your help.

Koorosh MOHAMMADI June 17, 2002 04:23

Re: Mesh Export
Dear Fernando,

It was also observed by my colleague (Mr. Varghese). When he explained the problem and we think about it, we found that only XY plane is reserved for 2D dimulation. So if the final 2D faces are in another plane except XY plane, you can not read it in FLUENT as a 2D system. So may you switch FLUENT it to 3D in order to read that geometry. But it also never work and say another error. So turn back an try to make that 2D geometry only in XY plane. You will see what will happend.

Best regards


Fernando Lopez June 17, 2002 08:11

Re: Mesh Export
Thanks for your help, my friend. I just realised of that after sending the e-mail nad you are actually very right. The geometry was sent to me on the XZ plane and FLUENT takes it as a 3D even if there are no co-ordinate values on Y. Now I'm ready to face more problems in FLUENT.

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