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Kevin June 14, 2002 14:25

Fluent Mesh
I have a very different type of question not sure anyone can answer. However, let me give it a shot regardless.

I have a Fluent Analysis (cas and dat files) which were sent for me to review. I expected to perform this review in TECPLOT which has a Fluent Data Loader. The problem which results is that I can't check the mesh quality because TECPLOT claims the data is not i,j,k format but instead x,y,z. Does anyone know how Fluent handles nodes and element data? Could the problem be with Fluent and their import?

Laika June 17, 2002 03:55

Re: Fluent Mesh

I never imported .cas and .dat -files into Tecplot, but Fluent can export in the Tecplot-format. Ask your supplier of the .cas and .dat to export it as a Tecplot file. This may solve your problem.

Laika, still orbiting

lax June 17, 2002 07:56

Re: Fluent Mesh
what tecplot software can do for us? where it is available? is it freeware? pl. reply.

Kevin June 17, 2002 08:31

Re: Fluent Mesh
TECPLOT is a graphical program utilized to post-process data. It can do any type of data processing via 2D and 3D graphs. Currently Version 9 has an add-on feature called CFD Analyser which is supposed to even perform grid quality checks. However, sometimes it doesn't work properly and TECPLOT claims it's because the data is FE-Brick (i.e. x,y,z coordinate data instead of i,j,k). I know for certain that the grid is unstructured (tet and prism) so unsure what's the exact cause unless Fluent's model and algarithm does not work in i,j,k (matrix) format.

Laika June 18, 2002 03:59

Re: Fluent Mesh
What kind of post-processing are you planning to do with Tecplot that you cannot do with Fluent?

Laika, still orbiting

Kevin June 18, 2002 08:10

Re: Fluent Mesh
Don't have Fluent. The analysis was performed by someone else and I requested either a CGNS or TECPLOT format. I did find the problem however through Tecplot support. It seems that Tecplot can only perform grid quality checks via a structured mesh. An unstructured mesh especially with two types of cells is not feasible. I asked if they plan on adding some type of grid checker for unstructured hybrid type meshes and currently no. They were unaware of such algarithms but I know they exist because its possible in Centaur, ICEM (I believe), CFX, and GAMBIT.

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