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fan Qunbo June 18, 2002 03:58

about pressure far field
Hi, everyone. I'm setting a "prsssure far field" boundary condition. But, when I start to initialize it, the Flunent main window always inform me: Error: divergence detected in AMG solver: pressure correction Error Object: () absolute pressure limited to 0.000000e+00 in 1241 cells on zone 1 I don't know what had happened. Who can give me a hand? Thanks a lot!

Jim Clancy June 18, 2002 19:38

Re: about pressure far field
You have to change the pressure limits..Increase It higher than the far field pressure..Good Luck

fanadam June 18, 2002 19:59

Re: about pressure far field
Yes, I've tried it. But it is the same result,if only I use ideal gas. Well, if I use another fluid, everything will be ok. I have to use ideal gas, however, so I can employ "pressure far field". Really, it's still not clear for me. Thanks a lot!

Jim Clancy June 18, 2002 22:16

Re: about pressure far field
Pressure far field is always used with compressible flow where you must consider the flow as ideal..I may be able to help if you can describe the problem you are intending to solve..GOOD LUCK...

fanadam June 18, 2002 23:24

Re: about pressure far field
Ok, I'm going to send an email to you. Ok? thanks a lot!

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