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Rupp Carriveau June 18, 2002 15:50

Sliding Mesh Bound Node Loop
My configuration is very simple. I am trying to spin a "hockey puck - like" disk near the water's surface in a funnel which has a steady state flow through it. I have no problem establishing the grid interface at the puck top and at the puck bottom. However, as soon as I try and create the interface for the vertical, circular puck wall in Fluent 6.0.12 for Windows NT, I get the notorious "Bound Node Loop" error. I have attempted some the fixes proposed by Mr. Larsson, but so far have been unsuccessful in resolving what I thought would be a simple fix.

Can anyone offer any suggestions?

Many Thanks!

Laika June 19, 2002 04:21

Re: Sliding Mesh Bound Node Loop
Your sliding mesh-boundary = the puck's wall?

If so, make the sliding boundary a bit further from the puck as such that there is air on both sides of the sliding interface (non-conformal mesh with fluid on both sides is difficult enough)

hope this helps,

Laika, still orbiting

Rupp Carriveau June 19, 2002 10:57

Re: Sliding Mesh Bound Node Loop

Thank you for the advice. Unfortunately, this is exactly how I have the mesh set up. The puck is a solid, and I have a larger "puck of water" enveloping it (which rotates with the solid puck). I have made the interface of this larger "water puck" with the water in the funnel the region for the sliding mesh interface. It really seems straight forward. It is so frustrating to be that close and it still won't let me do it.

If you, or anyone else has something, please let me know. I am nearing wit's end.

Thanks Again!

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