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Leo June 19, 2002 16:41

Questions about conjugate heat transfer

I am solving a conjugate heat transfer problem which is just like heating a hotdog in the stove,--the hotdog (surrounded by fluids) also has a direct contact to the heating wall.

My question is:

How to define initial condition for the fluids and solid since they have different intial value?

How to define the condition for the interface between fuids/solid? ( I am using a DO model for the radiation)

Jin-Wook LEE June 20, 2002 00:10

Re: Questions about conjugate heat transfer
Ans. to 1st Q : SOLVE --> INITIALIZE --> PARCH

Ans. to 2nd Q : You do not need to define the condition at the Fluent. You should set the region as SOLID and FLUID separately when you generate the grids by GAMBIT. Then, solver(Fluent) treats the interface, not by user(you).

Sincerely, Jinwook

Leo June 20, 2002 00:19

Re: Questions about conjugate heat transfer
but I still need to set up the solid walls for the DO radiation model, any idea?

Thanks a lot

Puck July 19, 2002 11:19

Re: Questions about conjugate heat transfer
My problem is similar to yours except that i have to attach an insulation material of thickness 1mm inside the center of the anuulus duct...(meaning the annulus is a solid, whereas inside the annulus is fluid..this is where i attach a solid support to block air flow). so when i define the insulation material as solid pf a diff material and the annulus as solid but of a diff material, i seem to get phase domain error when i run in fluent.. I suspect cos fluent has trouble recognising the interface(the edge) where both the solid regions intersect..How do i solve this?

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