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J.W.Ryu June 21, 2002 04:07

Creating line/lake in dynamic mesh
Dear Everybody,

I am trying to create lines by line/lake command in Surface menu, so as to make xy plot in the calculated domain. Dynamic meshing method was used in 2d symmetric model.

I tried several time to make line by inputing x-y coordinate. But, created line showed unintentional curve so that I could not make xy plot with created lines, even if I tried to make straight line.

I changed "micrometer" scale to compute scalar. In menu window of line/lake, unit displayed was "meter" Is this cause to be created wrong line? If yes, why is created line not straight but curved line? Or, is this trouble caused by dynamic meshing?

Is there anyone who has experienced like me? If yes, could you let me know how you've solved this trouble?



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