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Benoit June 24, 2002 05:42

Surfaces definition

my name's benoit and i'm french student. I ask you for your help because i have a problem with gambit software. For my project, i must reproduce the air flow around a body car ( i want to redesign the air intake to increase the ram air effect). in order to do it, i create the bonnet inside a cube ( the cube represents the wind tunnel). My problem is that i don't know, how i have to define the surfaces which shape the bonnet of the car : Interior, internal, wall ???? because if i don't define them, i can't export the geometry to fluent and the following error message appears : " Warn : Face face.X mesgh is not part of continuum mesh. Cannot export as a boundary type."

Thanks for your help. sincelery, benoit.

Erwin June 25, 2002 04:10

Re: Surfaces definition

benoit June 25, 2002 10:59

Re: Surfaces definition
Hello Erwin,

Thank you for your answer but i have always the same error message. Why ????


manaf June 25, 2002 14:56

Re: Surfaces definition

i think from what you described you should subtract your inside volume from the big box otherwise you will get the same error message because there are two overlap mesh. i hope this will solve your problem.

Gavin June 26, 2002 10:28

Re: Surfaces definition
Benoit, you need to create the volume that represents the fluid domain, i.e the negative volume. Firstly create your car bonnet, then creat your domain. You must then subtract the bonnet from the domain (cube). The result will be the volume that the fluid sees as it passes above/around the bonnet. You should only have one volume remaining. Shade the volume and examine it closely to make sure it is as you wish. Then start the meshing i.e not untill the geometry is completely defined, and will undergo no further chages. Mesh and export. It will be fine. Use wall for bonnet surface as other guy said.

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