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Prabhu.B June 24, 2002 15:30

creating volume by stitching faces
When I tried to creat a volume by stitching faces, I end up with following Message and Error,

Message:All the faces are selected twice

Error:Is this a open shell?

Any help appreciated.

Mustafa Gelisli June 25, 2002 02:49

Re: creating volume by stitching faces
Hi Prabhu.B,

There may be two reasons for that. First one is that you do not to select all faces which form a closed region, but I am sure you are carefull about selection. Second one is that your faces are not connected to adjacent faces. Sometimes, two adjecent faces do not share a common edge. They use geometrically similar edges which use different verticies that have same coordinates. You can handle this problem using connetc(verticies, edges and faces -if you have two or more overlaping faces -)command.

Good Luck

Erwin June 25, 2002 04:08

Re: creating volume by stitching faces
I have seen this problem a couple of times when it should have worked normally. I could usually get it to work by re-selecting the faces such that each selected face is connected by an edge to the previously selected face. And tada!, it would suddenly go without a problem.

Prabhu.B June 27, 2002 19:33

Re: creating volume by stitching faces
It worked!! .Got the problem solved by connecting all the edges and faces. Thank you very much for give me the right suggestion.


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