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Eric R. June 26, 2002 15:31

Cooper hard-linked faces
Hello. A Gambit question.

Is it possible to cooper a volume in which the source faces are hard-linked? I meshed the edges (put node points), applied a boundary layer, meshed the source face, and it will not work when I HEX/Cooper the volume. I get an error message stating "ERROR: The matching of existing meshes on opposite ends of a sweep failed."

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Eric R.

Mustafa Gelisli June 27, 2002 15:54

Re: Cooper hard-linked faces
Hi Eric,

Unfortunately the answer is no. You have to leave at least one of the source faces unmeshed to use cooper scheme and when you have hardlinked all of the source faces it is impossible to use cooper scheme.You have to break hardlinks between source faces.

Good Luck,

Eric R. June 27, 2002 16:20

Re: Cooper hard-linked faces
Thank you Mustafa. I was afraid that would be the case. At least now I can now try alternate approaches. Thank you for responding, as I've been spending a few days trying to get around this.



Mustafa Gelisli June 28, 2002 07:24

Re: Cooper hard-linked faces
Hi Eric,

Probably you do not need alternate approaches. You can overcome this situation by unlinking the source faces meshes. Regards, Mustafa

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