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Rob June 26, 2002 18:37

cyclic pressure boundary
I have been contacted by a co-worker to ask about the boundary condition capabilities of Fluent. Is it possible to define a pressure boundary condition that varies with time. Say for example if a fluid is being pumped into and out of a chamber, and the forcing function varies either as a square wave or sinusoidally. Is there any possiblity of Fluent being able to analyze this type of problem? Any hints would be greatly appreciated.

Mustafa Gelisli June 27, 2002 15:49

Re: cyclic pressure boundary
Hi Rob,

The answer is yes. You can use time varying boundary condition in Fluent. However, you have to use User Defined Funcitions (UDF) to simulate such a boundary condition. There is one UDF example containing time varying pressure boundary condition in Fluent 6.0 tutorials.(Internal compressible flow in a nozzle)

Good Luck

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