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Dan July 2, 2002 13:08

DPM-unable to locate injection

I am doing a DPM. I used "group" injection. But when I entered the required fields, the positions of first and last point are inside the region of my model. Why is it that after iteration, and display -particle track, it says "unable to locate injection-0" and the number tracked is 0.

There is no problem when I used surface injection.

Lanre July 2, 2002 16:14

Re: DPM-unable to locate injection
Your starting location for your group may lie right on the boundary of you domain. Nudge it inside the domain slightly and see if that changings things.

hendawi July 10, 2002 12:36

Re: DPM-unable to locate injection
Hi, try 1 of the 2 alternative below: 1:think to set the injection point location "enough" farmer from the domain boundaries. 2: decrease the nombre of particle streams good luck

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