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Joe July 2, 2002 21:28

about creating a stired tank
I need to creat a stired tank reator, batch or continuous. But I am a new gambit user. Any knows how to creat, please help me. Thanks!

Lanre July 4, 2002 00:36

Re: about creating a stired tank
Have you tried MixSim. It will build your grid for your stirred tank reactor automatically.

Laika July 4, 2002 03:46

Re: about creating a stired tank
During creation of the geometry and mesh, you should think ahead of your modelling.

Do you want a full moving mesh model with rotatinf agitators/impellers? Do you want to use the multiple reference frame? Do you have sufficient experimental data to simplify and go for a velocity-data-model?

Do you need to go for 3d simulations?


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